When is it better to contact a photo retouching agency?

When is it better to contact a photo retouching agency?

When is it better to contact a photo retouching agency?

It is quite clear that not all of the photographers need a photo retouch. Moreover, the photographer, as a rule, can successfully handle with a small amount of retouching by himself.

Correct the levels, make a white balance, align the horizon, eliminate a couple of speckles or dead pixels – all of this and much more the photographer does while processing his pictures in a RAW converter and / or graphics editor.

The processes like these are relatively easy to execute automatically, especially when you do the batch processing of the files that shot in the same light conditions.

However, there are some types of shooting, that may need large amount of retouching and take a lot of time. In such cases, it is useful to ask for the professional retouch services. Exactly such services are provided by the experts at Retouch Place studio.

Beauty retouching

1. Photosessions for catalogs

The retouching of the pictures for catalogs requires special attention. Usually there are lot of pictures made and the shooting isn’t always carried out in ideal conditions. But here can help the retouching. The professional retouchers will quickly and qualitatively eliminate defects on objects and clothes, isolate the object on a white or other background, make color correction and model’s skin photo retouching.

2. Portrait shooting

Usually the volume of portrait shooting is not big, but the amount of the portrait retouching needed can be quite significant.

However, the professional retouchers can make the photographer’s life much easier, since they will bring the pictures selected after the shooting to a high-quality level. To make a deep photo processing, they use the retouching for skin, hair, eyes, body shaping, removing the excesses from the background, and color correction.

Portrait retouching

3. Shooting of events and business photos

Shooting of different events and making business photos are characterized by a large amount of pictures made. The photographer usually chooses about 20 or 30 of images for high-quality retouching.

Besides, the images intended for printing and posting on Internet sites also need significant retouching.

Business photo retouching

How can a photographer work with a retouching studio?

The scheme of the work with the participation of a retouching agency Retouch Place may look as follows:

  • the photographer carries out the shooting, selects the pictures for processing and sends them to retouching studios;
  • he pays for the retouching services and receives ready-made images;
  • then he gives them to the customer.

While the retouching agency executes the image processing, the photographer can do his job, i.e. make pictures!

The advantages of working with a photo retouching studio.

  • the process becomes simplified. The photographer is focused on shooting and doesn’t waste a lot of time for retouching;
  • the receiving time for ready-made photos becomes shorter. The photographer doesn’t need to collect unprocessed pictures from shootings and to delay their processing “for later”;
  • the quality of the ready-made pictures is getting highly improved. After all, the photographer knows how to shoot well, and the retoucher knows how to process the shots;
  • the photographer, if he doesn’t get stuck in the image processing, can take more and more pictures and be effective doing his job, as well as improve his different skills;
  • the unproductive time spent by the photographer reduces.

So, the photographer needs to control and improve the shooting process. It is during the shooting the interesting pictures get their birth and later he can be proud of them. And the retouching should be delegated to specialists.